Spring Wildlife

Spring is the time of year when wildlife and people start bumping into each other. 

Baby wildlife: Leave them alone. Mother animals do not hang around their babies since it draws attention to them.  Babies survive by staying hidden and not moving. If an animal appears injured or in a dangerous location call Animal Control @819-6709 or the Wild Life Sanctuary @391-3671/3685.   

Trapping-Please Don’t!

trapping(even live trapping) in spring or summer creates baby animal orphans that will starve to death without their mother!   

– traps set at night often catch skunks. 

Call Animal Control at 819-6709-for methods that are more effective, more humane and less expensive. 

Remember-It is against the law and dangerous to keep wild animals if you don’t have permits, even if you plan on releasing them. For more information about rescuing wildlife or deterring their presence call the numbers above.  


Monica Hoff
Pittsfield Animal Control/Humane Officer

Introducing New Treasurer

With the pending retirement of Treasurer Sandy Harrig the Town is pleased to announce the hiring of her replacement.

We were pleased to have a number of well qualified applicants and from them we are pleased to introduce Kristine Decker as the newest member of the Town staff. Mrs. Decker brings a Bachelors Degree in Accounting as well as work experience in accounting firms and financial institutions to the position.

She will serve as a Deputy Treasurer under Mrs. Harrig during her training / transition period.

Please welcome her to the Town.



The seasonal Spring weight limits for all Town of Pittsfield roads will go into effect on Wednesday March 3rd.

Signs will go up this weekend, Enforcement will start Wednesday morning.

Limited permitting will be allowed for emergency situations.

Contact the Town Clerk for permit information.

OPENING – Part-time Appointed Treasurer/Office Staff

The Town of Pittsfield, located in Brown County, WI has an opening for a part-time Appointed Treasurer/Office Staff. This position’s primary responsibility will be for the finances for the Township. Some of the responsibilities include: ALL statutory responsibilities of the Town Treasurer per Chapter 60 of the Wisconsin State Code, bank deposits, reconciliations, assist with financial audit, take charge of all monies, collect taxes, serve as contact for the financial institutions, assisting preparing, administering and reviewing the budget process, prepare reports, assisting with election duties, as well as general office work including data entry, filing and counter/public interaction duties varying from the issuing of permits to collection of fees and taxes. Job description available.

A degree in finance, accounting or 3 years experience in municipal accounting systems and finance is preferred. The Treasurer position reports directly to the Town Board with daily supervision of the Town Chair.

Job Type: Part-time, Salaried, estimated 700 hours per year, no benefits

Pay: Based on experience and education, up to $21,000.00 per year or as set in the Town Budget

Please send application and resume to:

Town of Pittsfield Town Clerk 4862 Kunesh Road Green Bay WI 54313

Applications will be accepted thru March 1st, 2021


Every five years the Town has to update a planning document called the CORP (Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan).

It contains suggestions of Park Development. Take a look at the DRAFT suggestions attached to this post.

Or review the entire DRAFT plan on the Towns Park page. Look for the page under News/Area Info/Maps.

You may comment here or at the April Annual Meeting.


The County is working to improve internet service by testing and compiling coverage area data to apply for grants.

If you have slow coverage PLEASE run this test. If you ran it with your hard connection, consider shutting off your wi-fi and running it with just your cellular connection. This type of multiple tests from one location are Okay.

Please use the below website. The county needs at least another 1,000 tests in the rural area for a good sampling.

Meetings Going Live on Facebook

The Town through the money available through Covid funding recently purchased a camera system to enable residents who have not been able to attend in person to be able to watch the meetings online through the Town’s Facebook page.

The camera has microphones to capture audio, a 360 degree camera to capture the whole room as well as a camera that can be directed to point at the board or another speaker.

This will allow people to watch and hear what is going on. Commenting through this system will not seen by the in person meeting attendees.

The Town has experimented with the camera and has the attached test video up for people to see. Please forgive the crudeness of the test. We will continue to experiment to make the system better.

We hope to have our first live use of the system at the February meetings.

Pittsfield wins Brown County Voter Challenge trophy

The non-partisan volunteer organization Project Vote of Brown County, WI has announced this year’s winners of their Voter Challenge, and the town of Pittsfield will be taking home the trophy for having the highest voter turnout this year.

With municipal turnouts of registered voters ranging from 79% to over 90%, Brown County voters cast ballots like never before in the November 3 election, the organization said in a news release. When all ballots were tabulated, the town of Pittsfield had the highest voter turnout percentages in it’s respective category.

The town of Pittsfield had a turnout of 90.073% of registered voters to win the Green Division trophy for Brown County municipalities with populations below 10,000. Pittsfield’s winning voter percentage was followed closely by the town of Eaton (90.069%), town of Rockland (90.05%), town of Lawrence (90.03%), town of Wrightstown (90.02%) and town of Scott (90.01%).

Due to the ongoing pandemic, there will not be a public presentation of the Voter Challenge trophies. It will be delivered to the Pittsfield Town Hall at a future date.

Read the full NBC 26 news story this information was taken from at the below link.