Town property owners should have received a copy of a letter advising that the Town is going through a reassessment.

This will NOT result in an automatic increase in your taxes.

Please review the document you were sent and you will see that while the value listed on your property may change so that the value is closer aligned to actual market value, the taxing rate is actually lowered to compensate. The tax rate is changing from .01649 to .01400.

Please use the formulas listed on the letter to calculate your changes.

If you would like to question the process the first step is to reach out to the assessor. Call Paul Denor at: 920-468-9698.

A sample form is attached.


The criminal actions of a few does not show who we, the residents of Pittsfield are.

The best examples of the great people of this community are the people shown in this news story cleaning up the damage.

If any one has information regarding the people behind this damage please reach out to the Brown County Sheriff’s Office at (920) 391-7450 or to Crime Stoppers at : You may be eligible for a CASH reward and can remain anonymous.


Come out to the Pittsfield Community Park/ Community Center to enjoy some of that Fair Food that will not be available at the canceled Fairs.

Enjoy hand battered cheese curds, mini donuts, butterfly fries, blooming onions, and fresh lemonade.

Free Music provided by HOME GROWN.

Held outside and social distancing will be encouraged.

Saturday June 27th, 2020 3 PM – 8 PM

Pittsfield Community Park/Community Center

4862 Kunesh Road Green Bay WI 54313

Food provided through Freedom Foods LLC (a Pittsfield Business)

Summer Road Construction

The road construction season has begun in the Town. You might have noted some patching on Brown County Line Road.

Below is the list of projects the Town will be working on this year:

Brown County Line Road – Area patching and chip sealing

Deer Park Ln – Pulverize, repave, Shoulder and ditch maintenance

Durango ln – Pulverize, repave, Shoulder and ditch maintenance

Cimarron Ln – Pulverize, repave, Shoulder and ditch maintenance

Golden Spike – Pulverize, repave, Shoulder and ditch maintenance

Brookside Drive Middle Bridge – Approach repair (taking the bump out)

The exact schedule has not yet been released to the Town so we are not sure of the exact construction dates. The Town will most likely get very little notice on the Brown Cunty Line Road project. Just the way it is as this company works it way around the state and its schedule is largely controlled by the weather.

The Town will try to have a pre-construction meeting for the residents along Deer Park, Durango, Cimarron and Golden Spike. In this age of COVID we are not sure yet what that will look like.

Updated Town Website

The Town now has an updated website. The site is now easier to navigate on mobile devices and tablets. Look for updates in the News/Blog section, calendars and ties to the Town Facebook page as well as other areas. Thanks to Dynamic Designs and their partnership with Packerland Websites for all the work.

If you do have input on the new design please reach out to us as we would like to make any big changes within the first 30 days.