If you are complaining about your internet speed, well here is a chance to do something about it.

Brown County is doing testing to use in a study to able to apply for grant money to improve internet speeds. They NEED the information from this test to show we have issues in our communities.

Go to the below website and take the test from your residence, place of business or anywhere you use the net. (NOTE: take it at the time of day when you normally experience the greatest issues.) They will not take any data that you do not Okay to share.

After taking the test you will see you speeds and they will add your results to the study. You can then click through to a map that shows where others have taken the test. The attached screen shot shows little colored dots where people have taken the test. Red being slow connection speeds.

The Pittsfield/Pulaski area has very little participation.

Let’s turn that map red.

Brown County » Community » Brown County Broadband Speed Test Initiative » Speed Test (

Job Fair

The Town recognizes that there are those in the community that are hurting in their employment status.

Thus we do want to share that the Greater Green Bay Chamber is hosting a Virtual Job Fair on Wednesday, December 9th from 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. in partnership with The Business News and the Wisconsin Job Center. During this 2-hour virtual event there will be up to 50 employers who are seeking to fill positions at their organizations. Potential job seekers will choose which companies they want to talk to. Job seekers will choose up to 8 employers and will be virtually sent around the Zoom rooms to talk with employers. There are many opportunities for you to be involved in the Virtual Job Fair, please check it out at

Drive and Drop Food Drive

From Pulaski Schools – Hello Pittsfield Families,

During the month of October, there is usually a food drive held and students bring food to school and often there is some type of incentive for the classes with the most food brought in.  The food is donated to the Community Pantry of Pulaski.

We were hoping to continue the great tradition the Lannoye area has established over the last 15 years, but this year we would do it with a “Drive and Drop” food drive.  It would take place in the Lannoye parking lot.  Here is how it will work.

This weekend, consider picking up a few extra non perishable food items or some health and beauty aids (soaps, shampoo, deodorant, laundry detergent, etc.).  Drop them off in the Lannoye parking lot on Wednesday, October 21 between 4-6pm.  Mark Heck will be there with his bike (van and trailer).  We will grab the stuff from your back seat or trunk.  You will not even have to exit your car.

Planning and Board of Appeals Vacancies

The Town has openings on two of its boards. Please review the below information and if interested email or mail (information below) to the Town Chairman with a letter outlining your skills and qualifications prior to November 3rd, 2020.

Planning Committee – The Committee provides oversight that assists our community in governing growth and future development. The committee oversees the town’s development review processes, site plan reviews, rezoning, conditional use and special use permits, variance requests, and proposed amendments to ordinances. The committee is also responsible for developing and updating the Town’s Comprehensive Plan and assisting in the preparation of adopted plans, ordinances, zoning policies, planning documents and maps. Membership is for two years with meetings monthly generally on the second Tuesday of the month at 6 pm.

Board of Appeals – The Board of Appeals is a body appointed to hear and decide appeals, interpret the Zoning Ordinance, and to approve or deny variances. Another responsibility of the Board is to provide an appeal mechanism for property owners who believe that the Town has made an error in interpreting the zoning ordinance. The Board only meets when needed, generally once or twice a year.

Send a letter or email to Chairman Keith Deneys at:


Board Vacancy

ATTN: Chairman Deneys

4682 Kunesh Road

Green Bay WI 54313


After an unavoidable delay the Town Board, late last week, was able to meet and finish the interviews for the replacement of Supervisor Tom Huetter.

The Board would like to thank all the participants. Any one of which would have made a good addition and served the community well. We unfortunately had to select one based on criteria that we had established for the selection.

The person selected by the Board was Brandon Holewinski. Mr. Holewinski will be sworn in before the October 13th normal Town Board meeting.

Again the Board would like to Thank the other participants: Brian Verheyden, Stan Kaczmarek, Jim Pyle, Renee Holewinski, Helen Wagner and Brad Naparalla.

Supervisor Huetter’s Last Meeting

Last night’s Town Board meeting was Supervisor Tom Huetter’s last meeting. The room was happy for Tom and his wife Betty as they enter this new phase of their lives, wishing them all the best, but also sad to see them go.

Tom was presented with a Town Board Resolution acknowledging his 40 years worth of contributions and a memorial clock to help him remember his time here.

The Town wishes them all the best.


In accordance with state law the remaining Town Board members and Clerk form the selection committee to choose the replacement for the vacancy being created by the retirement of Supervisor Huetter.

The selection committee will be following the below steps to fill this position:

  1. The committee will review the initial requests sent into the clerk by the candidates.
  2. A Public meeting will be held on September 10th, 2020 starting at 6 pm where a short interview will be held with each interested candidate.
    1. Each candidate will be given a time to come to the meeting.
    2. The interview will last roughly 20 minutes
    3. The candidate will be asked questions and then they may give a brief statement about themselves. The board may deviate from the questions based on the candidate’s responses.
    4. While the interview process is open to the public and the candidates have every right to attend the full meeting understand that candidates have been told that listening to the other candidates might reflect poorly in front of the selection committee.
  3. After all interviews are complete candidates will be invited back into the community room for the selection discussion.

After the interviews, the committee will discuss and make a selection for appointment to fill the position. The successful candidate will be sworn in at the October 13th, 2020 regular Town Board Meeting.

Veteran Cemetery Cleanup

A special thanks is due to several people for the work done in the Pittsfield Cemetery. A group has worked hard to clean and straighten veteran headstones. Many of these stones had to be raised, cleaned, and straightened.  This group led by Mike Sheedy included veterans, students, and other caring citizens.

Their work in the cemetery to honor the contributions of these veterans has been incredible. You will see by the attached photos the fruits of their work. This group has also been placing flags in the cemetery over the past years.

Please join the Town in a special thanks specifically to: Mike Sheedy, Sarah Hockers-Schmoll, Brian Harrison, Ken Oldenburg, and Mark Baudhuin