The seasonal Spring weight limits for all Town of Pittsfield roads will go into effect on Wednesday March 3rd.

Signs will go up this weekend, Enforcement will start Wednesday morning.

Limited permitting will be allowed for emergency situations.

Contact the Town Clerk for permit information.

OPENING – Part-time Appointed Treasurer/Office Staff

The Town of Pittsfield, located in Brown County, WI has an opening for a part-time Appointed Treasurer/Office Staff. This position’s primary responsibility will be for the finances for the Township. Some of the responsibilities include: ALL statutory responsibilities of the Town Treasurer per Chapter 60 of the Wisconsin State Code, bank deposits, reconciliations, assist with financial audit, take charge of all monies, collect taxes, serve as contact for the financial institutions, assisting preparing, administering and reviewing the budget process, prepare reports, assisting with election duties, as well as general office work including data entry, filing and counter/public interaction duties varying from the issuing of permits to collection of fees and taxes. Job description available.

A degree in finance, accounting or 3 years experience in municipal accounting systems and finance is preferred. The Treasurer position reports directly to the Town Board with daily supervision of the Town Chair.

Job Type: Part-time, Salaried, estimated 700 hours per year, no benefits

Pay: Based on experience and education, up to $21,000.00 per year or as set in the Town Budget

Please send application and resume to:

Town of Pittsfield Town Clerk 4862 Kunesh Road Green Bay WI 54313

Applications will be accepted thru March 1st, 2021


Every five years the Town has to update a planning document called the CORP (Comprehensive Outdoor Recreation Plan).

It contains suggestions of Park Development. Take a look at the DRAFT suggestions attached to this post.

Or review the entire DRAFT plan on the Towns Park page. Look for the page under News/Area Info/Maps.

You may comment here or at the April Annual Meeting.