Summer Road Construction

The road construction season has begun in the Town. You might have noted some patching on Brown County Line Road.

Below is the list of projects the Town will be working on this year:

Brown County Line Road – Area patching and chip sealing

Deer Park Ln – Pulverize, repave, Shoulder and ditch maintenance

Durango ln – Pulverize, repave, Shoulder and ditch maintenance

Cimarron Ln – Pulverize, repave, Shoulder and ditch maintenance

Golden Spike – Pulverize, repave, Shoulder and ditch maintenance

Brookside Drive Middle Bridge – Approach repair (taking the bump out)

The exact schedule has not yet been released to the Town so we are not sure of the exact construction dates. The Town will most likely get very little notice on the Brown Cunty Line Road project. Just the way it is as this company works it way around the state and its schedule is largely controlled by the weather.

The Town will try to have a pre-construction meeting for the residents along Deer Park, Durango, Cimarron and Golden Spike. In this age of COVID we are not sure yet what that will look like.

2 thoughts to “Summer Road Construction”

  1. The signs went up today on cimmarron. Is there a rough estimate on when this work will begin and how long it will take? Just trying to plan some logistics, Thanks,

    1. In checking today with the Town Engineer they have run into a issue with a Spectrum line that has to be relocated. This will slow things down. They are hoping to have all work completed by July 10th. Of course this is dependent on weather and if other issues would crop up.

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