If you are complaining about your internet speed, well here is a chance to do something about it.

Brown County is doing testing to use in a study to able to apply for grant money to improve internet speeds. They NEED the information from this test to show we have issues in our communities.

Go to the below website and take the test from your residence, place of business or anywhere you use the net. (NOTE: take it at the time of day when you normally experience the greatest issues.) They will not take any data that you do not Okay to share.

After taking the test you will see you speeds and they will add your results to the study. You can then click through to a map that shows where others have taken the test. The attached screen shot shows little colored dots where people have taken the test. Red being slow connection speeds.

The Pittsfield/Pulaski area has very little participation.

Let’s turn that map red.

Brown County » Community » Brown County Broadband Speed Test Initiative » Speed Test (