Planning Committee Vacancy

The Town has an opening pending on the Planning Committee.

Committee Member Jenna Dias is stepping down after 18 years of service. She will step down when we have a new person selected to fill her position.

Please review the below information and if interested in serving on the Planning Committee, email or mail (information below) to the Town Chairman with a letter outlining your skills and qualifications prior to June 1st, 2023.

Planning Committee – The Committee provides oversight that assists our community in governing growth and future development. The committee oversees the town’s development review processes, site plan reviews, rezoning, conditional use and special use permits, variance requests, and proposed amendments to ordinances. The committee is also responsible for developing and updating the Town’s Comprehensive Plan and assisting in the preparation of adopted plans, ordinances, zoning policies, planning documents and maps. Membership is for two years with meetings monthly generally on the second Tuesday of the month at 6 pm.

Send a letter or email to Chairman Keith Deneys at:


Board Vacancy

ATTN: Chairman Deneys

4682 Kunesh Road

Green Bay WI 54313