It’s about Land

The Town recently sent out a letter to our residents advising landowners of the aggressive annexation/control steps that the Village of Howard is taking towards the Township.

Some of the responses have been “Yeah, that’s not happening for years”.

Well, it is happening now!

On Monday February 27th the Village filed a petition seeking the Town’s permission to spend around a million dollars to run a water line to the one residence that the Village purchased inside of the Township.

The Town Board moved on Wednesday March 1st to reject this aggressive maneuver. You can see by following the links below both the Village of Howard’s notice and the Town’s response as well as our resident letter.

This will severely affect the future of the Town and the Board is doing what its citizens have told us to do, which is fight for the Town’s survival.

Supervisor Mike Bodart stated that “this is like the TV series Yellowstone, they’re coming for our land.”

“It’s the one constant in life. You build something worth having, someone’s gonna try to take it.” — John Dutton III Yellowstone