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Please click on the below link to download a copy of the 2019 Garbage and Recycling Schedule.



At the Annual meeting, held on April 17th, 2018 a vote was taken on two issues. Both passed, one unanimously and the second with only one vote in opposition in a crowd of approximately 40 people. Below are the two motions:

Motion by Gary Hansen, second by Charles Calliari to allow the Town Board to construct a New Community Center, a hand count vote was performed with all but a couple in attendance voting. Motion Carried unanimous. Non in opposition.

Motion by Helen Wagner, second by Kathy Duescher to allow the Town Board to borrow up to 1.8 Million dollars for 20 years for the construction of a New Community Center, Athletic Field & Parking Lot at the Pittsfield Community Park, a hand vote was performed with all but a couple in attendance voting. Motion Carried. One vote in opposition.

At the May Town Board meeting the Board moved forward with action to use a committee to review the actual options and move forward on the projects. The timeline for completion of the projects will be late in 2019.

You can watch the March 15th, 2018 Public Informational Meeting On Youtube

A copy of the meeting is available online at:


Chairman Keith Deneys


Park Committee Seeking New Members!

Please consider joining our committee to help with planning your community park. We welcome your ideas and suggestions! Contact Ray Tauscher for more details Phone: 920-327-1973 , or submit your name through this website form Town of Pittsfield Community Park.

The Pittsfield Park committee members (Ray Tauscher, Teresa Wargo, Jenna Dais, Mark Heck, Julie Lewins, Stan Kaczmarek)

NEW Paramedic Rescue - Volunteers Needed

Our area rescue squad is looking for volunteers to help out as First Responders. See the attached Flyer for more information.

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Implements of Husbandry (IOH) Weight Limit Requirements

The state has passed legislation requiring agricultural equipment, including tractors, combines, and other pieces of equipment that by definition of the new law meet the standards of being called implements of husbandry or agricultural commercial vehicles (Ag CMV), to follow weight and size limits when traveling upon public roadways.

Your Town Board came to its decision on this matter after numerous discussions which included the inputTractor from public meetings and consultations with neighboring towns, agricultural contractors and farmers.

The Town will be taking the same action as our neighboring Towns and adopting the basic requirements of the new law in regards weight limits on town roads.

The Town of Pittsfield will not require any special action for implements of husbandry or Ag CMVs UNLESS they wish to use the roads while exceeding the basic weight limits of 23,000 pounds per axle or a total 92,000 pounds gross weight. Follow this link to a state website with a table showing the allowed 15% increase. CLICK HERE to view the IOH/Ag CMV table. This table is what now controls for IOH/Ag CMV weights, on town roadways.

A permit may be submitted for permission to exceed these weight limits adopted by the Town.

The Town will use the State Standard Applications M2582 and  M2583 as No-Fee Permits.

The permits can be accessed at the Wis. DOT website at:

Submit completed permits to the Town Zoning Administrator Debbie Diederich at one of the following:

     Attach and send by email at: (put IOH in Subject line)

     Fax to: (920) 865-2001

     Mail to: IOH Permit, 6532 Old Highway 29, Seymour WI 54165

Additional information on the new law is also available at this DOT website.


Get Involved with Community Park DevelopmentTown of Pittsfield Sign

Be a part of this exciting opportunity and help improve your park! Join the park committee, share your ideas and talents, make a monetary donation, or purchase an honorary picnic bench or table.

Community Park Day will be held in spring. Clean up and beautification. Watch for date in the spring!

Get Involved!

See Parks Page


Crime Reporting

The Brown County Sheriff’s Office is the primary Law Enforcement response to incidents in our town.
If you have an emergency dial 911
To reach the Sheriff’s Office for non emergency matters call: (920) 391-7450.
Crime Map
The Sheriff’s Office does provide crime mapping and
reports for the town.

To reach the Crime Mapping website follow the below link:

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