Fiber Construction Update from Nsight

Construction on the Nsight Telservices Town of Pittsfield fiber-to-the-premise project started on Wednesday February 14th, 2024.  The project is being deployed in two phases over the 2024 and 2025 construction seasons.  Nsight Telservices selected a single contractor for this project, QOS Fiber.  QOS Fiber has already completed construction (placing conduit and setting handholes) along the following residential streets: Maple Drive, Meadow Drive, Riverlane Drive, and Uphill Drive.  They anticipate completing construction along Annabell Circle week of March 4th.  They expect to start construction in the River Forest Hills Drive area potentially the week of March 11th. Fiber will be placed in the conduit after approximately 20,000 feet of duct is placed. Fiber splicing will follow directly after that. 

In addition, QOS Fiber started placing conduit on March 7th along Town Hall Drive, Kunesh North Road (up to Quarry Drive), and from North Kunesh and Kunesh Road east to the Pittsfield Town Hall Community Center.  They also started construction from the intersection of Glendale Avenue and County Highway U north to Kunesh Road.   We are aware of another fiber project that is also occurring along these roads. We’d encourage impacted households to reach out to that company directly with any questions. 

The construction phase will include underground digging. Here’s what residents can expect if underground construction occurs in their neighborhood.

  • QOS Fiber will place door hangers on the front door of each household approximately a week prior to the start of construction. 
  • QOS Fiber will locate existing public utilities. This will include paint and flags within the right-of-way on yards. If you have underground facilities such as dog fencing, sprinkler systems or private wiring, please notify our teams at 800-826-5215.
  • Construction will continue in the right-of-way, which could include construction equipment, underground drilling or digging on these areas of your property. Specific impact will vary by address.
  • Crews will return later in the spring (once the chance for deep freezing weather passes for the season) to remedy any impact in the right-of-way.

This project is being supported in part through $123,628 of funds from the State of Wisconsin, acting by and through the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin.  Nsight Telservices looks forward to working with Town of Pittsfield and PSCW over the coming years to bring the latest broadband technology to the community.

Nsight Telservices will continue to provide monthly updates regarding additional construction locations to the Town Board as the project progresses.