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Watch the March 15th, 2018 Public Informational Meeting On Youtube

A copy of the meeting is now available online at:

Seasonal Road Weight Limits In Effect.

Effective March 6th the Town Seasonal Weight limits are in effect.

As allowed by State Statute Chapters 348 and 349, the Town of Pittsfield reserves the right to restrict use of its transportation system based on gross vehicle weight as a means to protect and increase the longevity of its infrastructure.  This restriction is intended primarily for enforcement on rural and residential highways which are not constructed or intended to support heavy vehicular traffic.  As part of this policy, Pittsfield designates 16,000 pounds and over to be considered heavy traffic.

Enforcement of weight restrictions shall be at the discretion of the Town Chairman or his designee and shall remain in effect until lifted by the Chairman
Exceptions to the weight restriction policy are to be granted to individuals, companies, or corporations who supply vital services, delivery, or pickup of products which are essential to the health, safety, and well being of the Town as a whole.  Such individuals, companies, or corporations are to be considered as milk haulers, heating fuel suppliers, septage pumpers, and the contract trash and recycling hauler of the Town.  Each exception is allowed only to travel on the most direct route necessary to and from the destination point 

Local business is not to be denied delivery of supplies or pickup of products.  This portion of the policy is intended to allow continued operation of local business whose supply or manufacture of product is performed specifically at the address of exception.  It is not intended to allow exception to local businesses which do not perform its specific services at the address of exception.

Permits may be granted for limited needs. Please contact the Town Clerk for information on the permitting.


New Community Center/Town Hall Meeting

At the Annual meeting the motion was passed to examine the replacement of the current Town hall. The reasons cited were from the varying and potentially costly maintenance issues to the question of it no longer meeting the needs of the community.

Come to the meeting Thursday March 15th at the Town Hall.


Chairman Keith Deneys


2018 Garbage and Recycling Schedule "CHANGE"

The schedule put out previusly had an error in the date postings in November and December. Please discard the earlier version and use the one below.

Please click on the below link to download the 2017 schedule for Garbage and Recycling pick ups.



Park Committee Seeking New Members!

Please consider joining our committee to help with planning your community park. We welcome your ideas and suggestions! Contact Ray Tauscher for more details Phone: 920-327-1973 , or submit your name through this website form Town of Pittsfield Community Park.

The Pittsfield Park committee members (Ray Tauscher, Teresa Wargo, Jenna Dais, Mark Heck, Julie Lewins, Stan Kaczmarek)

NEW Paramedic Rescue - Volunteers Needed

Our area rescue squad is looking for volunteers to help out as First Responders. See the attached Flyer for more information.

Click Here

Community Park Bench Donation

The Town would like to give a big shout out to the Boy Scout Troop 1447 for constructing and placing benches in the community Park.

Thank you to:

Will Brunner
Adam Deneys
Peyton Winkelman
Jacob LeMere
Connor Jones
Mathias Frank
Jacob Brant

Pat Brant
Scott Jones
Chuck Meyer (troop 1201)



Implements of Husbandry (IOH) Weight Limit Requirements

The state has passed legislation requiring agricultural equipment, including tractors, combines, and other pieces of equipment that by definition of the new law meet the standards of being called implements of husbandry or agricultural commercial vehicles (Ag CMV), to follow weight and size limits when traveling upon public roadways.

Your Town Board came to its decision on this matter after numerous discussions which included the input from public meetings and consultations with neighboring towns, agricultural contractors and farmers.

The Town will be taking the same action as our neighboring Towns and adopting the basic requirements of the new law in regards weight limits on town roads.

The Town of Pittsfield will not require any special action for implements of husbandry or Ag CMVs UNLESS they wish to use the roads while exceeding the basic weight limits of 23,000 pounds per axle or a total 92,000 pounds gross weight. Follow this link to a state website with a table showing the allowed 15% increase. CLICK HERE to view the IOH/Ag CMV table. This table is what now controls for IOH/Ag CMV weights, on town roadways.

A permit may be submitted for permission to exceed these weight limits adopted by the Town.

The Town will use the State Standard Applications M2582 and  M2583 as No-Fee Permits.

The permits can be accessed at the Wis. DOT website at:

Submit completed permits to the Town Zoning Administrator Debbie Diederich at one of the following:

     Attach and send by email at: (put IOH in Subject line)

     Fax to: (920) 865-2001

     Mail to: IOH Permit, 6532 Old Highway 29, Seymour WI 54165

Additional information on the new law is also available at this DOT website.


Get Involved with Community Park Development

Be a part of this exciting opportunity and help improve your park! Join the park committee, share your ideas and talents, make a monetary donation, or purchase an honorary picnic bench or table.

Community Park Day will be held in spring. Clean up and beautification. Watch for date in the spring!

Get Involved!

See Parks Page


Crime Reporting

The Brown County Sheriff’s Office is the primary Law Enforcement response to incidents in our town.
If you have an emergency dial 911
To reach the Sheriff’s Office for non emergency matters call: (920) 391-7450.
The Sheriff’s Office does provide crime mapping and
reports for the town.

To reach the Crime Mapping website follow the below link: