• Garbage and Recycling

Garbage / Recycling

The Town does provide recycling and garbage pickup for residents. This is meant for residential users only. The town does not want to be carting off large volumes of business garbage and recyclables.


MONDAY is the pick-up day for both garbage and recycling. All items must be inside of the provided carts. Carts must be at the street prior to 6:00 am on the pick-up date. Keep carts 4 feet from any object (mailbox, poles, etc..), including another cart. Garbage is weekly pick up.

Holiday Pickup is always the Friday before the holiday. This is always in place for Memorial day and Labor Day. In 2016 it also affects the July 4th holiday.

If you are questioning what is allowable, we follow the Brown County standards. Follow the this link to the Brown County website for information. Town of Pittsfield contracts the hauler for pickup. One garbage and one recycling cart is is initially allowed at each residence. Additional carts are available at a charge. Contact the contractor with questions:
Deyo Disposal (800) 498-5808

If you have questions about what is allowable we follow the Brown County standards. Follow the this link to the Brown County website for information.

Recycling Pick Up

Recycling is every other week based on where you reside in relation to County Road C. Those Residents that are East of County Road C are picked up one week while those West of County Road C on the opposing week.

Updated December 9th, 2019
Click on the link below to get a printable map for 2020 with the days highlighted for the side of the Township where you live.

2020 Printable Schedule


1.  “Material for any permitted fire shall not include rubbish, garbage, recycled items, trash, any material made of or coated with rubber, plastic, leather, treated or painted wood or petroleum based materials, and shall not contain any flammable or combustible liquids.” See More About Burning.


The Town does NOT currently provide this service.

This has been looked at by the Board a couple of times in the recent past. Some of the suggestions that the board has considered include:

     -  Create a site for drop off of leaves/grass clippings/brush.

     -  Use the old dump site on Brookfield as a collection area.

     -  Allow for just residents to drop off this waste.

The board recognizes the desire for such a site especially as the residential type population increases.

The first thing the board considered was looking to partner with one of the adjoining communities that already have this type of a site. The prospects for this possibility were not positive, so secondly the board considered a site that would be solely the Town’s.

We knew from the amount of garbage (tires, batteries, toilets, appliances, etc…) that is collected out of the ditches around the Town that the site could not be just an open, unsupervised area. It would have to be fenced or gated and then an employee would have to be hired to observed the drop offs. This would allow the site to be open yet not open the Town to being a reception site for hazardous or costly garbage from the minority. This employee would also allow for keeping the drop offs to just town residents.

The hiring of an employee, fencing, and site prep work to get an area established would not be the only expense that became evident. The material that was dropped off would periodically have to be moved and shredded in order to create the desirable compost byproduct. The information from the other municipalities was that they contracted out for this and that it was tens of thousands of dollars per year.

The next question was where. There were only three areas of Town land that could even be considered: the New Park land, the Town Hall, or the old dump site on Brookside. No one wanted to see the new park area or the Town hall turned into the eyesore that this type of site will be. That left only the dumpsite.

This question was posed to the Department of Natural Resources when they did their inspection of the dump site in 2014. The Town was told at that time that that type of activity could NOT take place in that area. The DNR actually had the town remove some old tires and culverts that had been on the site for over a decade.

Considering the expenses (employee, fencing, site work, continuing processing, etc.…) and the fact that we have no where currently to place such a site, the board found that it could not move forward on this issue at this time.